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Very interesting and wonderful

I had a reading last night, with Dave. Julie, Becky, Dave and Shelly come to your (not sure what you call them), “learning group”.
I have known Julie for a long time and she is one of my best friends.
Because of her interest, and my mother’s feelings when she was alive, I am fascinated by all this.
I know Julie really enjoys her meetings with you and has learnt loads since contacting you.
I came along to your show in Melksham and your reading last night was very interesting.
It is wonderful that people who have passed are still able to communicate with us who are still here, and that you are able to pass their words on to their loved ones.
Anyway I am really contacting you to say a big thank you for what you did last night, as I said it was very interesting and wonderful that some came through for me. Keep up the good work, you so obviously enjoy it very much.
Take care, and hope to see you again.
Many thanks. Karen, Somerset

Very informative

Hello Paul,
Just thought I would write and tell you that my pal, daughter and I all had a lovely sitting with you.
You gave us some answers to questions we had thought but not voiced and you are a very informative man.
We all look forward to seeing you again in the future. Regards Sally,

Amazed with the accuracy

Hi Paul,
I would like to thank you once more for the reading you gave me.
I was really impressed and amazed with the accuracy and amount of info you had for me.
I would certainly recommend you to anyone who wants a reading, you along with your spirit guide have settled my mind once more.
All the best. Charles, Elks

What happened next astonished us

Dear Paul, when you arrived at our home the other night I was just expecting you to tell us that something was in our house and that was not our imagination.
What happened next astonished us both and surprised you.
I’d like to say that the message that was given to me has changed not only my outlook on life but has changed my life totally.
I now look forward to discovering my new life even though it will have its ups and downs, its time to find out who I really am.
We both thank you very much and for the first time I’m looking forward to my future and discovering who I really am. Tony, Wiltshire

Paul was really accurate

Paul was really accurate!.
There were things that he spoke about that no one outside my mother in laws family new about, and stuff about me that he could not of known.
Paul is really friendly and calming and also straight to the point!, he isn’t a time waster.
Paul, thanks for a lovely reading, you have put a smile on my face and you answered a few important questions that my mother in law had.
We are looking forward to seeing you again. Natalie

Brilliant, accurate reading

Hi Paul.
Thank you for the brilliant, accurate reading you gave us.
Both of us were truly overwhelmed with the messages you gave us from our loved ones.
It has reassured us that our family are still watching over and looking after us when we need it most.
After going to various other mediums over the years, I have never experienced such a reading that I have been totally gobsmacked.
Hope to see you in the future. Shelley & Charlie

Wonderful gift

Hi Paul
I had to email you and thank you for the other evening when you came to Swindon and did an evening of mediumship for me and my friends.
You have such a wonderful gift and we were honoured you shared it with us.
I have spoken to each of the people who attended and they were all very pleased and comforted with the messages they received, my husband in particular, who says he keeps an open mind about these things, was very impressed with his message and how you gave it.
I smile every time i think of that evening and how wonderful it makes me feel knowing our loved ones are with us and so close.
You told us you don’t do names, just initials, yet you told my niece that her auntie approves of Darren, her boyfriend that she lost touch with and found again at her dad’s funeral. My other niece’s stomach troubles and bad dietary habits were confirmed by her uncle John.
I could go on and on Paul, however the people of Swindon thank you and look forward to seeing you at the Moonrakers in January I think I could sell all the tickets for you myself with the amount of people I’ve told about you!
Ha ha, so the offer still stands for me to be your P A just let me know.
Thanks again your new friend

Comfort and relief

Hi Paul,
I cannot begin to describe my gratitude for the reading you gave last night. The warmth and comfort I received was immense and I knew it could only be my dear Dad who was with you.

You were amazingly accurate and you told me things that literally only I would know. At the beginning of the reading you began to describe a bedroom with a door in the middle of the wall, a mirror to one side and a double bed, I was trying so hard to tune into my Dad that I was busy trying to remember all of the places he had lived to recall the room. It was in fact my own bedroom which I was sat in at the time!! I woke up at around 02.00a.m. and stared directly at the door in the middle of the room and clicked. I still can’t believe I was so stupid not to twig at the time.

I tried going back to sleep last night, which took a long time, and at one point wrapped the duvet right around me. I felt the pressure of two hands on my back and was so convinced it was Dad, it felt like he was tucking me in and wrapping me in warmth, exactly as I do with my children.

Also you described a pain to the right side at the top of the ribs in my husband was also accurate, he hadn’t told me previously because he didn’t want me to worry, but started grinning when I told him what you had said. I just needed to tell you that you were absolutely right and are incredibly in tune with those who have passed.

You have an amazing gift Paul and I am so thankful that I found you. You really have given me such a sense of comfort and relief, I feel I can finally start moving on and will know when Dad is with me.
Take care and please know that you have helped me more than you’ll probably know.

Paul was fabulous

I had a reading this morning with Paul and he was fabulous.
And trust me I’ve had my fair share of readings!
He has a kind and caring nature-and gives you complete
honesty. You make not like it-but at least he’s accurate and with no bull. He mentioned things that not even my family knew!!! How weird!! I now feel I can move on with my life after been in such a rut for a long time.
Thank you again Paul.
Best wishes, Marika

Truly gifted

Thank you millions for the phone reading today. It was really special that my uncle “jj” came through. There were loads and loads of information that no one would know. I am extremely happy with the reading. It was way beyond what I could ever have thought possible.
You will never know how much that reading meant to me.
You are truly gifted.
Wishing you all the best