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blown away at how accurate you were!


Dear Paul,
What a truly amazing gift you have, I actually feel blown away at how accurate you were, I’ve had many readings over the years but never anything like I’ve  experienced today.

The kindness you’ve shown me today will be remembered forever…I had so many unanswered questions that today you’ve answered for me and I feel now I’m totally on the right path.

Thank you so very much


Thousands of miles away from me, was almost 100% accurate

My name is Cecilia, I live in Florida in the United States , recently I requested the help of Paul as a medium, because I wanted to confirm that my loved ones who have passed on are still part of my life, we connected thru Skype, almost immediately Paul sensed the presence of my best friend, whom I could not say good bye to, we parted many years ago, he also gave me information about another special friend, with whom I share a very strong love bond. My dad was also mentioned, it was like a happy get together in which love is the common denominator. It is amazing how Paul, whom I have never met before, and who is thousands of miles away from me was almost 100% accurate on the details, his reading is priceless. A blessed gift and by the way he is warm and friendly I was very comfortable talking to him. Forever grateful, Cecilia R.

Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves

Julie and I came to see Paul a month ago, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Paul is definitely enjoyable to see, and an wonderful man to meet.
I have to say he is one of the best mediums I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Thank you very much Paul, and we both wish you the best, Becky, Wiltshire

Amazed at how accurate he got things

I had a reading with paul in july and was amazed at how accurate he got things he told me things that no one else apart from me could have known!
I was scared at first but paul made me feel at ease and his sense of humour helped! after 5 mins I started to relax and the reading went from there very happy with my reading I got the validation I needed, he picked up on the fact my hubby had cancer and skin problems and even told me where my brother in laws picture was in our house!! he was the one that crossed over! would defiantly recommend paul and would love another reading. Katie, Wiltshire

Nothing scary about attending a sitting with Paul

My name is Mavis Elcock & I’m 63 years old.
I’ve always believed in the afterlife right back to my childhood albeit my conception of it is different now I’m an adult, I had been to one public evening of mediums before I attended the one that Paul and his two colleagues put on in the Spencer’s club, Melksham. Circumstances in family life made myself and my daughter go and watch and from that evening we booked an appointment with Paul.
My daughter and I went together for support, Paul was able to speak to someone from the spirit world and he gave us information that we related to that he had no way of knowing.
Information was given to us that we both knew but also individual information was given to me and my daughter that the other did not know about! The sitting was a success for us as it settled some need to know things for us both.
There is nothing scary about attending a sitting with Paul and if you have issues you would like an explanation too, I would recommend attending a sitting with Paul.
Mavis from Melksham Wilts

Really relaxed in your company

Thanks for the reading you did for me when I visited my daughter and called in on you the other week.
You certainly did amaze me, as although I gave you no information whatsoever you knew through your guide what had gone on in my life.
What you said was all true and I am going to recommend you to others.
I was very impressed with the calmness of it all and felt really relaxed in your company.
I told you nothing and yet you knew it all.
I loved the fact that my nan and my dad came through for me.
Keep it up, and thanks a lot, Carole (St.Helens, Merseyside)

Very emotional message

Hi Paul,
Thank you for the very emotional message you brought me from my Father when I visited you last Tuesday.
It has helped me to solve unanswered questions and I now feel at peace with that part of my life. You have also opened up new avenues to explore which I would like to develop, but have always been nervous of trying.
Your relaxed style has given me the confidence and shown me there is no reason to be afraid. I will definitely be visiting you again and thank you so much, you’ll never know how much you helped. Take care, ….. Luella

Very much the real deal

Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for telling me what spirits have told you, I very much appreciated you lifting “my” spirits as I sometimes have got myself down regarding the situation with my girl relationship concerns.
You are very much the real deal!
But you don’t need me to tell you that, you already know what you have got, all you need to do now is advertise and promote yourself as much as you can for people to realise the potential you have, which would only enhance your goal, which is to help as many people as possible.
I wish you all the best success and happiness that you yourself wish for your own clients.
Oz, Portsmouth

Very interesting and wonderful

I had a reading last night, with Dave. Julie, Becky, Dave and Shelly come to your (not sure what you call them), “learning group”.
I have known Julie for a long time and she is one of my best friends.
Because of her interest, and my mother’s feelings when she was alive, I am fascinated by all this.
I know Julie really enjoys her meetings with you and has learnt loads since contacting you.
I came along to your show in Melksham and your reading last night was very interesting.
It is wonderful that people who have passed are still able to communicate with us who are still here, and that you are able to pass their words on to their loved ones.
Anyway I am really contacting you to say a big thank you for what you did last night, as I said it was very interesting and wonderful that some came through for me. Keep up the good work, you so obviously enjoy it very much.
Take care, and hope to see you again.
Many thanks. Karen, Somerset

Very informative

Hello Paul,
Just thought I would write and tell you that my pal, daughter and I all had a lovely sitting with you.
You gave us some answers to questions we had thought but not voiced and you are a very informative man.
We all look forward to seeing you again in the future. Regards Sally,