Nothing scary about attending a sitting with Paul

My name is Mavis Elcock & I’m 63 years old.
I’ve always believed in the afterlife right back to my childhood albeit my conception of it is different now I’m an adult, I had been to one public evening of mediums before I attended the one that Paul and his two colleagues put on in the Spencer’s club, Melksham. Circumstances in family life made myself and my daughter go and watch and from that evening we booked an appointment with Paul.
My daughter and I went together for support, Paul was able to speak to someone from the spirit world and he gave us information that we related to that he had no way of knowing.
Information was given to us that we both knew but also individual information was given to me and my daughter that the other did not know about! The sitting was a success for us as it settled some need to know things for us both.
There is nothing scary about attending a sitting with Paul and if you have issues you would like an explanation too, I would recommend attending a sitting with Paul.
Mavis from Melksham Wilts