Thousands of miles away from me, was almost 100% accurate

My name is Cecilia, I live in Florida in the United States , recently I requested the help of Paul as a medium, because I wanted to confirm that my loved ones who have passed on are still part of my life, we connected thru Skype, almost immediately Paul sensed the presence of my best friend, whom I could not say good bye to, we parted many years ago, he also gave me information about another special friend, with whom I share a very strong love bond. My dad was also mentioned, it was like a happy get together in which love is the common denominator. It is amazing how Paul, whom I have never met before, and who is thousands of miles away from me was almost 100% accurate on the details, his reading is priceless. A blessed gift and by the way he is warm and friendly I was very comfortable talking to him. Forever grateful, Cecilia R.