Very interesting and wonderful

I had a reading last night, with Dave. Julie, Becky, Dave and Shelly come to your (not sure what you call them), “learning group”.
I have known Julie for a long time and she is one of my best friends.
Because of her interest, and my mother’s feelings when she was alive, I am fascinated by all this.
I know Julie really enjoys her meetings with you and has learnt loads since contacting you.
I came along to your show in Melksham and your reading last night was very interesting.
It is wonderful that people who have passed are still able to communicate with us who are still here, and that you are able to pass their words on to their loved ones.
Anyway I am really contacting you to say a big thank you for what you did last night, as I said it was very interesting and wonderful that some came through for me. Keep up the good work, you so obviously enjoy it very much.
Take care, and hope to see you again.
Many thanks. Karen, Somerset