Paranormal 5 TV Show

TV Show

The Paranormal 5

Being the medium for the ITV One west series the Paranormal 5 was a smashing experience, we went to some lovely locations and have had some fantastic proof that spirit can and will let normal people experience their energy.

Doing the series was a fantastic way of learning more about my abilities, with David’s (my guide) help we have been able to give information to the team and the viewing public about the history and events that have happened at most if not all of the locations we filmed at.

You can watch the entire series below via youtube.

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Paul is very proud to endorse:-

“The clairvoyant’s handbook” written by A.L.Hale

Just remember that everyone’s journey is different but having a book to point you in the right direction is a handy thing to have.
Happy reading and enjoy the journey.
Working with spirit is an amazing thing to do I love it.

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